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The entire Downtown Area of the City of Charleston is sometimes called Historic Charleston and it has the largest area anywhere in the United States that is protected by the Preservation Society.

Historic or Downtown Charleston is also sometimes known as Peninsula Charleston as it located on a Peninsula and is located between the Cooper River and the Ashley Rivers.

During the early years of America it and Boston hosted the two largest ports in this country. In recent years since they have built a new bridge spanning the Cooper River connecting Mount Pleasant to Downtown which is much higher than the old one there has been a lot of emphasis on expanding the port and creating more shipping related jobs. 

Downtown has some of the nicest shopping and dinning anywhere in the world and has been voted the nicest area anywhere in the world by some travel publications. Upper King Street in particular has expanded a tremendous amount in recent years and is particularly known for it's dinning while very big names has been fighting for space on Lower King Street.

Charleston is not only a wonderful city to visit but has one of the fastest growing economies in the country and is a wonderful place to work and live for many reasons.